How I Finally Freed Myself from Erratic Blood Sugar! (Less Than 30 Seconds a Day)

Written by Stephanie Harper on January 5th, 2024

Meet Stephenie Harper, a dedicated full-time granny to two twin girls, Liza and Demmy, and an adoring wife, a nurturing mother who never says no to her beloved cup of coffee, evening glass of wine, and sweet treats around the clock!

In the end, it all came down to a distinct and unconventional morning routine that challenged traditional beliefs and stood out as a unique approach to treating high blood sugar…

Old Me…

When my doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 diabetes, I naively underestimated its impact…

Sure, I\’ll adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle, I assumed.

Little did I know, a journey filled with challenges, frustration, and a sense of powerlessness was about to unfold.

My doctor, perceiving my casual attitude, painstakingly described the internal havoc wreaked by this condition and the dire consequences of ignoring it.

Initially, it seemed I had to forsake all my cherished meals, which meant undertaking rigid diets that excluded carbs and sugars and resigning myself to bland, uninspiring food for the rest of my life’s journey.

Monitoring my glucose levels became a constant preoccupation – requiring frequent checks to prevent fretful spikes that could result in a heart attack, strokes, vision changes, etc.

Fatigue became my constant companion – sapping the joy from playing with my grandson or catching up with friends over coffee. My energy levels were simply non-existent, to say the least.

Moreover, my body began to accumulate weight relentlessly – reaching a point where social gatherings became a source of dread. No matter how hard I tried, losing weight felt like trying to climb Mount Everest in flip-flops.

Type 2 diabetes really knows how to bring down the mood with its constant reminder that it\’s a forever kind of deal since it is incurable. There\’s no magic solution. Nothing seems effective.

You\’re left with the sole option of managing the disease indefinitely.

In the midst of all these battles, there\’s a sneaky implication floating around that, magically, it\’s all your fault! Despite religiously following my doctor\’s advice and watching my diet meticulously.

I transformed my lifestyle, embraced exercise, and avoided stress (as much as humanly possible, since there is no off switch to stress), yet after all that effort, my glucometer reading came in an unexpected form—to put it simply, it was an Utter Disappointment!

I was puzzled and expressed my concerns to my doctor…

How come my efforts aren\’t leading to improvements?

After a moment, he shared a more hopeful perspective.

He explained, \”Stephanie, this journey can be frustrating. It\’s a complex condition, and we\’re constantly learning and refining our approach. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental step, and it can make a significant difference over time. Don’t lose hope and be impatient,\” he said.

He then introduced me to a variety of advanced medications. \”These options have been developed to support your wellness journey, potentially offering relief and helping manage your condition,\” he assured me.

He was honest about the potential side effects, presenting them as considerations rather than deterrents:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea and stomach upset
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Weight Gain
  • Skin Rash
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

… and the list seems endless at that moment.

The often overlooked but essential truth that individuals with Type 2 diabetes must grasp is the empowering realization that…

Frustrated and feeling hopeless after weeks of searching online for information about Type 2 diabetes without any clear answers, my blood sugar levels remained high.

Then, I found a video on social media by Tom Green, a Diabetes Expert, talking about \”Zombie Cells\” and their link to insulin production, which seemed like it might be the solution I was looking for. Excited, I clicked on the video.

I was baffled; I couldn’t help but laugh to myself…

The Root of the Issue Lies Elsewhere…

The cure was hiding in plain sight all along… I was giving it my all… yet for years, I’d been approaching it completely wrong…

What astounded me was the simplicity of stabilizing my unpredictable blood sugars…

Doctors everywhere claimed it would be challenging… They insisted on cutting calories and eliminating common foods… They recommended engaging in intense, joint-straining exercises…

But when it came down to Tom Green’s theory shared in that video…

I hardly had to change a thing… I just incorporated this into my morning routine.

Now, I feel a decade younger, more slender, fatigue-free, craving-free, and brimming with the essential energy needed to spend quality time with my grandchildren and catch up on some coffee with friends without the frequent bathroom visits.

Even more astonishing, acquaintances I haven’t seen in months barely recognize me… What’s even better, I’ve been following this routine for just a month and my blood sugar levels are the best they’ve ever been.

New Me!

Discover the incredible benefits of targeting \”Zombie Cells\” through a morning routine supported by top universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford, especially for individuals dealing with Type 2 Diabetes.

This approach could revolutionize treatment, moving beyond just daily symptom management to potentially addressing the root cause.

It naturally kicks out the “zombie cell,” also known as the toxic cells, which smothers the pancreas\’s ability to produce insulin.

This approach not only helped me slim down but also enhanced my overall well-being and regained my zest for life, as though I were aging backward.

Now, I can relish every meal without resorting to daily injections and pills… allowing me to fully enjoy precious moments with my adorable grandchildren, immersing myself in their joyous, energetic play without fatigue setting in and, of course, being free from the side effects of medications.

Their little hugs and kisses are priceless, and feeling their tiny arms envelop me is truly heartwarming.

It\’s a breakthrough that big pharmaceutical companies might not want widespread, as it could shift people away from relying solely on medications.

And it takes less than 30 seconds to implement…

Now, are you wondering why your blood sugar levels fluctuate?

Would you like a straightforward method to manage them from the comfort of your home? This video explores the causes of these variations and presents a simple tactic to maintain steady levels!

The importance of this technique lies in its ability to purify the zombie, otherwise called the toxic cells building up around our pancreas. This ultimately enables the pancreas to function normally, insulin to flow freely, and glucose levels to be lowered to a healthy range.

That’s why watching this video is a must-see for any individual grappling with Diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, or Prediabetes.

Because most people have no idea this simple method exists, and major pharmaceutical companies are actively working to prevent the public from learning about this treatment plan because discovering the ultimate cure could significantly impact their profits.

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Watch The Video That Reveals Everything!

Without addressing this crucial aspect, other efforts may fall short…

And just so you know… I’m just like you…  If I can achieve this, so can you. You can be free from diabetes, no matter your age.