How I Naturally Reset My Blood Sugar Levels! (The 30-Second Daily Ritual)

Written by  Butch Tucker on February 12th, 2024

I'm Butch Tucker, Family Man, Passionate HR Professional. At 51, my days overflow with joy, shared moments with my beloved wife, Sarah, and daughter, Evie, and our weekend adventures in games and culinary delights. In my HR role, I channel passion into making a difference, energizing every task with purpose.
My family had a history of diabetes, and to be honest, I never really understood the risk.
It was one of those things that I believed would not happen to me because someone somewhere said that diabetes skips a generation. But that complacency came to bite me when I hit my forties.
Butch Tucker with wife
Old Me...

A yearly checkup turned into my worst nightmare when my doctor told me that I had higher than normal blood sugar – a.k.a Type 2 diabetes.

I was 41, otherwise healthy, with a little cholesterol. The diagnosis hit me hard as I recalled how my mother went through hell trying to get her sugar levels down.

I could not imagine having to live the rest of my life eating bland meals with no desserts and maybe even taking insulin shots. I came back home distraught that I was going to leave my wife a widow sooner than I had planned.

Here’s the catch. I lived a good life—healthy food, plenty of exercise, stress in check, and even a healthy gut. I was fit already.
It seemed unfair that I had to fight diabetes when I had done everything possible to steer clear of it. How was I going to eat healthier than I already did?

Exercise more than my usual hours and still keep my hours at work? Stress became my constant companion.

I am a rational man, so I made rational changes.

I switched out carbs for more veggies, lean meats instead of the occasional steak, and ignored dessert like a crazy ex-girlfriend. I expected to be doing well.

I also began yoga to get a handle on stress and exercised twice a day to keep myself healthy. However, the glucometer became my worst nemesis.

 Every weekly check showed that all my efforts were falling flat. I was starting to get really worried.

Over the years, my quality of life was declining. I knew I had to rely on prescription medication lifelong. And the medication itself was starting to affect my health. My kidneys were acting up, and a day of medication would mean that my sugar levels skyrocketed after a meal.

My check-ups only ended up in more medication, and I was losing hope in my attempts to keep my body and soul together…

“Get yourself a hobby.” my doctor said as the stress was doing damage. It made sense.

I took to the internet and began to look for chat rooms for diabetics. I came across many, and I stuck with a bunch of guys around the same age who were dealing with severe diabetes that they couldn’t control.

Like I said, I am a rational man and do not like conspiracy theories about blue men and reptilian monsters in lakes. But some of the conversations moved dangerously close to fantastic. There was talk of big Pharma trying to stop research that could find a permanent remedy for diabetes. It seemed harmless, so I inquired further.

“There is research conducted by independent universities.”

“The pancreas can be cured.”

“It is possible to kick-start insulin production, which takes care of diabetes.”

“You can save yourself a lot of woe by going natural instead of sticking to insulin shots and pills.”

It sounded a bit cuckoo, so I ignored this line of conversation and stuck to what I knew. Nine years after my initial diabetes diagnosis, life was starting to settle into bland and bleak. Nine years of trying everything and failing over and over again.

It was somewhere around here that my life changed – I lost my job.

The stress of diabetes and the mounting bills were affecting my work, and when the office decided to downsize, I was one of the first ones to be cut. 

It was a disaster. We weren’t well-off, but between my wife and I, we lived comfortably. Our daughter was out in the world making it on her own so we could take care of ourselves. 

The loss of employment, my prognosis with diabetes, plus the fear of further medical complications left me with a lot of time to stress.

I took to the internet for longer hours and sought comfort there. With nothing better to do for fun, I pursued some of the crazy things I read on chatrooms and the net. 

My life changed forever… 

Some of the things were actually true. I found research stating that the pancreas is sometimes surrounded by a layer of cells that are dormant and almost dead. For lack of a better term, these cells are dubbed ‘zombie cells.’ The immune system has the ammunition to kill the zombie cells but needs help. 

Zombie Cells
Zombie Cells

And only the right nutrients can do the trick…

If this information is all over the net, why isn’t this the obvious go-to for doctors and diabetics alike? I thought to myself! 

“Big Pharma earns more by keeping the symptoms in check rather than curing a disease.” This was the answer I got from my doctor.

Of all the people, I expected him to understand my plight; my finances were dwindling, diabetes was starting to affect my kidneys, and the pills were not really doing much.

Doctors were supposed to be on our side. But apparently not.

I took to the net for answers and I found natural remedies and began to investigate. 

And after investigating and researching for almost a year only one explanation made sense; that is how I learned about Tom Greene and his diabetic journey

His video spoke to me because he went through a similar dilemma as I did, and he actually did something.

The man is a hero for diabetics everywhere and I respect the fact that he dares to stand up to big Pharma and the efforts he put into finding quality ingredients and putting together a formula that works. And frankly, this has changed my life.

After nearly ten years of fighting with erratic blood sugar, low energy, lack of sleep, constant thirst, anxiety, vision changes, and almost a failing kidney...

I found the easiest solution there is...

A dropper full of this tincture first thing in the morning, and I am all set for the day – for life!

92% of Diabetics Don't Know This 30 Seconds Hack Exists!
You see, after I used this potion, I felt different almost immediately.

The bigger news is that in just three weeks, I saw a change in the glucometer, and after three months, I said goodbye to my diabetologist for good. 

Sounds bizarre? But hell ya, it's true, and hence, I took to writing my story.

My blood sugar is the closest to normal it has ever been, and instead of expensive medication and insulin shots, I found my chance at a second life.

Butch Tucker with wife after
New Me!

Decades In Medicine... Why Didn't Anyone Teach Us This?

glucometer low
I am now a happier, healthier man of 51 on a mission to educate the world about this wonderful, almost magical solution to diabetes.

OK, so I can't keep this to myself. I feel like I must share the Tom Greene’s Video with EVERYONE!

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